Community Energy

Check out our pioneering approach that is attracting positive national attention.

Systems Thinking

Increased resilience requires a holistic appreciation of complex environmental, social and economic systems.

Natural Capital

Our natural resources can play a vital role in mitigating and adapting to climate change.


Renewable Energy

Generate energy for your community or business with our assistance.

Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR) Community Wind Turbine.

Join this Community Benefit Society to help realise this project, whilst creating environmental social and economic benefits. Make money make a difference - Full details in offer document.

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The last six months had high winds at St Briavels. As the local community shares directly in the turnover achieved, the six monthly donations within St Briavels and environs was higher than in the previous round.

Alvington Community Turbine enters Funding & Development Phase

We are now moving forward with the development of our second consented community wind turbine project in the Forest of Dean ...

Resilient Woodlands — for Social, Environmental and Economic Benefits

In addition to the wonderful public Forestry estate, there are a large number of small woodlands on farms, small holdings and common land locally.

Blown away by our first 100% electric pool car

Its a Nissan leaf from the Five Acres garage in Berry Hill. We see such vehicles as playing a key role the future of personal transport.


Resilient Energy

We believe that the best way to realise renewable energy potential is to develop a fair and equitable relationship between the landowner, the developer and the local community. We have developed a pioneering and award winning community energy model called Resilient Energy and work in a number of partnerships..

Resilient Business

Is your business ready for the future in a changing climate? How sustainable are your current resource supply chains? Are you making the most of business opportunities? How are you assessing and managing business vulnerabilities and risks?  We are experienced in assisting forward looking businesses and can tailor services to your specific requirements.

Resilient Communities

We can help your Community or Local Authority plan for and adapt to climate change and diminishing resources and increase resilience. We do this by practical project delivery – eg Resilient Energy partnership projects, and assistance with feasibility and strategy development.

Resilient Land

We can assist landowners and those responsible for land portfolios with the sustainable management and enhancement of natural resources, land, biodiversity, ecosystems and their functions to meet future needs whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions and building resilience to climate change through adaptation and strategic planning.

Resilient Woodlands

Our woodlands are important natural resources and can play a vital role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. We can provide practical advice and guidance on how to sustain and enhance your woodlands through active management for woodland resilience, providing opportunities for both biodiversity benefit and sustainable wood products.

Resilient Water

Sustainable water resource management is a key part of a resilient future all too evident in recent events both in the UK and elsewhere. Planning for and adapting to increased risk of flooding due to climate change is already an essential need.

Resilience: Re|sili|ence

The capacity of a system to tolerate and adapt to changes or disturbances and continue to function in good heart.

Increased Resilience requires a holistic appreciation of complex environmental, social and economic systems, their diversity and feedbacks and how these may be affected by change.


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If you are a land owner, business or community interested in establishing a Resilient Energy partnership with The Resilience Centre, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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